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This blog was written by Mohd Aqil Zafran Bin Azizan, a participant of the YELL Conservocation Programme.

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💬 Pengalaman dan Pembelajaran di Tanarimba (Bahasa Malaysia)
💬 About EduTree Services (English)
💬 Penduduk Kampung dan Pelancong di Janda Baik (Bahasa Malaysia)

EduTree Services is an organisation that is focused on environmental education. EduTree was established in 2003 and has worked in a variety of ecosystems, ranging from mountains to wetlands. Gary, who runs EduTree Services, has past experience working with foresters, researchers, indigenous communities, nature-lovers and more. EDUTREE is strongly associated with FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia) and Rimba Ilmu, University Malaya (UM).

Gary with replanted plants in a degraded forest area. © 2023/Aqil

Currently in Tanarimba, EduTree manages the Tanarimba Rainforest Centre (TRC) and its conservation programmes. The Tanarimba land area reaches about 7000 acres in Janda Baik. Although Tanarimba is privately managed, a dedicated area is set aside for development. With this land area, conservation work that is vital for future generations takes place. Some conservation-based programmes carried out in Tanarimba include Bio-D expeditions, field research, tree identification, guided walks with nature interpretation, replanting trees in degraded forest areas, night walks, team building and TRC programmes.

Gary with the guided walk participants at Enderong trail. © 2024/Aqil

On 17 and 18 February 2024, Gary and Aqil successfully organised the first TRC Open Day to introduce this centre and its conservation work to residents and members of the public. Some activities were arranged for the participants such as guided walks along a 100m trail, tree climbing and craft demonstrations by Orang Asli, an exhibition inside TRC and traditional games for kids. This two-day event was a learning experience for the team as well as the public. The public would usually visit the Pineyard Café and Enderong Resort in Tanarimba, but are unaware of the conservation work done here. Therefore, this open day was to highlight such activities for public knowledge.

Special appreciation to Su Jin (YELL), Syuhada and Dayana (Rimba Ilmu) for volunteering with TRC for this open day.

Gary explains the different techniques of tree climbing during Open Day. © Aqil/2024
Tanarimba Rainforest Centre (TRC) during Open Day. © Aqil/2024