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Akademi Impact is Impact Malaysia’s flagship incubator program for youths with social impact project ideas and youth collectives in communities. This year, Impact Malaysia in collaboration with YELL  introduces the Earth Champion Edition.

  • 10 project ideas will be selected through a call for proposal process.
  • Selected teams will be invited to participate in Akademi Impact’s two-part workshop in Klang Valley on 30 Nov – 4 Dec 2022 and 14 – 18 Dec 2022.
  • After completing the workshop, each teams will be provided with seed-funding for up to RM 5,000 to pilot their project ideas over 3 months (December 2022 – March 2023).

What to expect from Akademi Impact 

Discover how Akademi Impact can support your personal development through project management , build your confidence in experimenting and advocating your solution ideas, and connect you with like-minded peers, ecosystem practitioners and specialists.

Get Seed-funding

Receive up to RM 5,000 seed-funding to pilot your project idea to addresses environment and climate issues affecting your local community.

Your team’s project can include activities such as but not limited to:

  1. Evidence gathering (Surveys or baseline mapping) 
  2. Knowledge exchange (Learning or teaching) 
  3. Equipment and materials (Building systems, repairing) 
  4. Documentation of (traditional) knowledge and experiences
  5. Communications and advocacy
  6. Product and / or Services development



Learning through guidance and experimentation

You will have access to practitioners with years of experience in delivering community-based environment and climate projects.

Field trips will be organised to facilitate experiential learning. 

You will be guided to design for positive changes and learn to measure results.

You will receive feedback to refine and grow your idea, including guidance and tools in planning, project management and other relevant skills.

In the project implementation period, teams will have access to mentors for continuous guidance.

Access to network and partnerships

You will meet like-minded peers and learn about environment and climate threats affecting other communities.

You will experience peer-to-peer learning with other teams, that promotes broadening perspectives and fostering meaningful connections.

At the end of the project implementation period, you will have the opportunity to present your project results to potential partners.

You will become part of a network of community-based youth-led initiatives that can inspire more partnership for action at the local level.




Project Themes of Akademi Impact

We want to build the capacity and confidence of youths to become active changemakers within their community through experimenting projects ideas to address local environment and climate threats.

Your project must be within the context of the following themes:

Theme 1: Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Resource Management

Possible projects include but not limited to alternative farming practices, forest restoration, habitat conservation, traditional knowledge documentation and indigenous land rights.

Theme 2: Environmental Pollution and Waste Management

Involves services, advocacy and innovations to manage waste and environmental pollution on land, air and water.

Theme 3: Climate Mitigation and Adaptation

Ideas towards reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, disaster risk reduction and preparedness, climate education, advocacy and many more.

Criteria to join Akademi Impact

Youths aged 18-30 years old

Residing in Malaysia in the next 12 months

Team Size

You’ll need at least 3 members per team.


Must be able to attend both workshops and commit your time and effort to make your project idea happen!

Have a project idea

Your project idea must be within the context of the 3 themes (one project may address more than one theme, if relevant), and address issues of concerns in the community level. 

Not sure if you meet the criteria? Join our online ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on 14 & 21 October 2022.

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Timeline of Akademi Impact

Do you have the passion to make impactful environmental change in your community?

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