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Business and Human Rights in Asia

Business and Human Rights in Asia (B+HR Asia)

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In line with the aims of the UN Human Rights Council, the Business and Human Rights in Asia (B+HR Asia) project, supported by the European Union, promotes the implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) in Asia through national action plans, multi stakeholder consultations and awareness raising while strengthening policy coherence, access to remedy and corporate governance standards involving human rights and environmental due diligence (HREDD).

Asia is suffering some of the harshest effects of human activity on the planet. Climate events continue to devastate communities, damage infrastructure and disrupt economies. Described as the ‘triple planetary crisis’, countries like Malaysia are vulnerable to nature loss, pollution and climate change. The impacts of environmental degradation carry significant implications for young Malaysians, particularly children and youth. 

In Malaysia…

Business and industry growth have been a key driver of sustainable, human development. However, concerns over rising inequality, human rights abuses and a host of environmental challenges are focusing attention on the inherent costs of this growth. The exploitation of labour, violations of indigenous land rights and irreversible environmental harms, among other impacts, are now recognised for their negative, long-term implications on vulnerable peoples, the planet and renewed levels of prosperity.

Engaging young people in Sabah

To further examine the impacts and responsibilities of Malaysian businesses to young people, Business + Human Rights Asia (B+HR Asia) in collaboration with the Youth Environment Living Labs (YELL) are documenting the experiences of young people impacted by this crisis and hearing their ideas.

Following a closed-door engagement in May 2024, 17 participants were introduced to the context and concepts of Business, Human Rights and the Environment, discussed topical and current issues as experienced and observed by young people in Sabahs, and explore their ideas of sustainable action.

The engagement aims to equip young people with the appropriate knowledge and tools to enable their active participation in the business and human rights agenda in Malaysia and the region.

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