YELL #BumiBelia Stories

Clean and green

By: Baven Raj

When it comes to climate and the environment, the only thing that strikes my mind is none other than my housing area’s football field. Coming here early every morning, just to breathe in the cold and fresh air, makes me so grateful for how wonderful the environment is. You could never imagine how cool the field looks like the day after a rainy night. It’s fully covered with heavy fog and when you jog through it, the feeling is indescribable.

Just imagine how cool it would be if the football field in every housing area is kept as clean as this. It would not only contribute to a cleaner environment but also encourage youngsters to be grateful to God’s creation. Although there are many football fields out there, “lain padang lain belalang”*. Let's pull our heads together and make the changes now. A better start to a better life.

*Malay proverb; literally translated as "different fields, different grasshoppers", which carries a similar meaning as "same roots, different branches".