YELL #BumiBelia Stories

I see green

By: Nur Adriana Sofea binti Shahril Affandy

“Ku lihat hijau,” I said to myself. I see green. The trees towering over me, giving me shelter from the warm sun. The shade the trees, offering ease to me and the community to jog, run or cycle on the sidewalk daily.

It's a scenery I look forward to seeing the most every morning when I go for a walk. Knowing that whenever I look up, the trees would be there, protecting me from the sunlight. Being surrounded by the leaves gives me a fresh air. A breath-taking view that I look forward to last forever.

Ale lo ni tuo omornya berjoto (The nature is now old – its age is more than a million). Hence, Koto usoho jauh ke daghi malo petako (We will put in the effort to prevent catastrophe). So that the trees would be vibrantly green for the benefit of you and me. Eternally.

Lyrics: Hijau (Zainal Abidin)