YELL #BumiBelia Stories


By: Thamarey Chelvi A/P Raja

No lies. These pictures were taken far away from my residence, far away from the city, when I was searching for the epitome of my existence. Young and free, I realized nature holds more for me in which I should indulge. My smile here says, “Thank you kaduveleh (God).”

I ran wild on the sandy beach, taking in the expanse of the sea reflecting colours painted by the sky. “Cantik macam bunga,” I should say. Pretty as a flower. Then, I strolled, digesting the fact that the seas, though resilient, are nowadays rough for the ever-changing interdependence. Interdependence that asks for more and returns less.

Can I at least get a similar serenity back in my neighbourhood? My tata patti (grandparents) taught me to live shoulder-to-shoulder with Her. Today, I’m telling the children to see our fragile tasik, pulau, pantai, hutan and haiwan as equal beings. Let us learn from our Orang Asli!