YELL #BumiBelia Stories

Monkey see

By: Sharveena Devi Daniel a/p Mahendran

A monkey.

A plain, old, nothing fancy-to-look-at-here, monkey. But if you look a little closely, you’ll see that he’s suffering. In silence.
Whilst we complain about the sweltering heat in the comfort of our well-ventilated homes, they have lost theirs. What was a lush, green forest nearby, has now become barren and desolate due to urbanization.

We so righteously take from Mother Earth, and yet expect her to selflessly give. She is our home, and we are failing her. We are making her sick.

The ‘common’ wildlife is already in danger of extinction. Will there come a day when our children will not even know what a monkey is? Imagine that. Power is a heady thing, for we think we are vastly superior. Mankind must humbly remind ourselves however, that we cannot live without our Mother, but she can without us.

As my Ammachi would say, “Perasai unnai allituvidum.” Greed will destroy you.