YELL #BumiBelia Stories

Streets and stories

By: Sara Eisya binti Mohamed Ghozali

In Kuala Lumpur, every street tells a story. Every alley frames the city in different glories.

As we progress, skyscrapers emerge at an unprecedented pace. They cast shadows on buildings that were made to stand against the test of time; the original structures of Kuala Lumpur. Almost forgotten, these senior buildings are among those to love and be loved by the local community. They are now creative hubs, such as the Rex Cinema and the Zhongshan building.

Local artists find solace in these spaces and in turn, create art with locally-sourced materials that reduce emissions and support local businesses. The local community may also find peace in celebrating buildings that emit less carbon emissions and reduced usage of materials. Modern buildings struggle to keep their cool against our climate while our seasoned buildings have only suffered a few cracks and broken tiles from years of witnessing progress in this city.