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Youth actions are often challenged due to their age and supposed lack of credibility. A space is needed to allow for the acceptance of youth views and a structured approach that emphasizes evidence-based and data-driven citizen science projects which puts youth at the heart of their involvement!

The YELL Exploraction (Explore + Action) Programme aims to

  1. Increase participation of youth in environmental and climate advocacy, and
  2. Enhance environmental education  through development of localised learning and teaching resources, tools and approaches.

Citizen science projects will also provide young people the opportunity to gather  data (e.g. biodiversity data, disaster data, etc) that contributes to a body of evidence that can eventually be used to inform policy- and decision-making. In the process, the capacity of young people are developed to understand and take the lead in practising sustainability initiatives. 

YELL Exploraction Programme will be targeted to support:

➡️ the  implementation of youth-led projects; and 

➡️ testing, piloting or implementing project ideas relating to resources, tools or approaches to increase young people’s interest, care, knowledge and participation in environmental advocacy and protection. 

The YELL Exploraction Programme will actively target smaller establishments, NGOs/CSOs, public sector, non-profits, social enterprises as well as non-urban youth groups. Investing in the development of proof of concept and growing ideas in their infancy are essential in decentralising and innovating local environmental solutions that respond to community needs.

What to Expect?

  • Seed grants for project ideas focused on approaches, resources and tools for increasing young people’s participation in environment action, including through learning, teaching and experimentation
  • Seed funds for youth-led action learning projects 
  • Implement workshops and local engagements to co-create initiatives and action plans for youth participation at the state or district level
  • Monitoring, evaluation and documentation of grantees projects

2023 Seed Grantees

Sarawak Eco Warriors Sarawak

Sarawak Eco Warriors work to inspire, educate and empower communities to champion nature conservation.

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Fuze Ecoteer Terengganu

Fuze Ecoteer is a social enterprise on a mission to connect people with nature.

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Youths United for Earth (YUFE) Virtual

Youths United for Earth (YUFE) envisions a community of environmentally-driven youths in pursuit of a just and liveable future.​​

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Malaysian Relief Agency Johor

Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA) is a humanitarian organisation registered under the Trustee Act 1952, with the primary objective of assisting those affected by natural disasters or armed conflicts, both local and abroad.

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Universiti Putra Malaysia Selangor

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) is a university recognised by independent government assessments as one of Malaysia’s leading research Universities.

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Persatuan Tadika Sabah Sabah

Persatuan Tadika Sabah (PTS) is an association that is passionate towards the quality of early childhood education in Sabah.

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For further inquiries, please contact Youth-Environment Community Facilitator, Shu Min at