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I Love the Wetlands project aims to provide educational resources for teachers and opportunities for hands-on experiences for young children to instil knowledge on the importance of conservation of wetlands as part of our natural Sabah heritage.

The project focus is to develop a learning programme suitable for kindergarten students (age  5 – 6 years old)  that consists of a classroom program, a hands-on experience at KK Wetland, and training for teachers.  The classroom program will be based on 4 story books created specially for this program based on our central character Ardee the Purple Heron to introduce the wetland environment to the kindergarten students. The pilot program targets 20 kindergartens in Kota Kinabalu and will involve 40 teachers and 1,200 kindergarten students.

With the support of the YELL 2023 Seed Grant, Persatuan Tadika Sabah will be able to develop a comprehensive learning program that consists of classroom learning kit, field trip program kit and teachers training session. The following activities will be carried out:

  1. Development of Classroom Learning Program and  Kit: Classroom Story Book Set (4 books), Student Activity Book, Teacher’s Guide, Teaching and a Digital Resource Library
  2. Field Trip Program and Kit: Hands-on activity program and scrapbook
  3. Training session for teachers
Persatuan Tadika Sabah is passionate towards the quality of early childhood education in Sabah. Our vision is to work towards achieving quality early childhood education in Sabah by focusing on three main areas; preschool teachers, private kindergartens, and parents and children in the community.