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Repair Kopitiam

Inventors: Sustainable Living Lab

Repair Kopitiam is a community-based initiative to encourage community members to fix their home appliances rather than throw them away when broken or faulty.

What does it solve?

Repair Kopitiam aims to reduce household waste, from electronics, to fabrics of different kinds, and other mechanical items. From wobbly chairs, to tears in jeans or shirts, faulty fans and more, the goal is to give broken and faulty items a second chance at life through care and repair. The goal is to combat the buy-and-throwaway culture that has grown over the past few years due to the convenience of purchasing items, which has also led to the filling of landfill sites in Singapore.

How does it work?

Every last Sunday of every month, the Repair Kopitiam holds sessions to teach and coach the public to repair their items. Inspiringly, this has led to a community of over 3,600 volunteers who have learned to fix their own appliances. As more and more members of the public upskill themselves, the initiative spreads like ripples to include others within the community. Now, Repair Kopitiam is working with tech industry associations and industry players to raise community awareness on tackling and overcoming the e-waste problem in Singapore!

Urban Origins

Inventors: Bala Rukmangathan, Wong Zhengwei, Tan Xuan Rong Vance

Urban Origins is an impact-driven startup with a platform that showcases local sustainable food brands and helps lesser known startups reach a wider market, both in Singapore and globally.

What does it solve?

The global pandemic of 2020 was a nightmare to many locals, who went to supermarkets and only found empty shelves with no access to fresh produce. Urban Origins was founded to address this issue. It serves as a dedicated online marketplace that connects communities with urban food such as farm produce, alternative proteins, upcycled food and home-made artisanal food. Through this platform, local sustainable food sources do not need to compete for visibility with imported food sources, and small local businesses can also be supported during times of hardship.

How does it work?

Urban Origins, which can be accessed via, provides brand visibility for local food sources. Local small growers are linked to local buyers, and the platform helps assure fresh, traceable high-quality local supply of produce that is sustainably delivered to consumers. To date, the platform has helped provide brand visibility for over 40 local food producers, has brought fresh produce to over 300 households and has developed partnerships with five corporate companies.