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The Perhentian Eco-Education Project (PEEP) is part of the Perhentian Conservation Project which focuses on eco-education and waste management for the students and people living inside the Perhentian Islands Marine Park. PEEP leads weekly classes with students from SK Pulau Perhentian to increase their awareness about the environment and biodiversity.

PEEP has been established on the Perhentian Islands since 2012.  PEEP has engaged with the Perhentian Island children and youth by conducting eco-classes and hands-on conservation classes such as coral watch and precious plastic session (upcycling plastic) 5 days a week, after school sessions from March until October.  The mainland schools and other institutions in Besut and Setiu Districts have asked PEEP to expand to their areas but they have been unable to due to lack of resources.

The YELL 2023 Seed Grant will enable PEEP to scale up their impacts on inspiring and involving the youth (especially 7-17 years old) of Terengganu to protect their marine environment with the focus being on marine conservation and waste management in the Perhentian Islands Marine Park.

With the support of the YELL 2023 Seed Grant, PEEP will be able to:


    1. Conduct interactive weekly eco-club classes for children between 7 to 12 years old, including English classes and citizen science activities such as the Kayak Patrol, Coral Watch and Precious Plastic sessions.
    2. Train up to 3 students for the Junior Open Water Diver Course, who will be inducted automatically to the Rapid Response Team or Anak Pulau under Perhentian Marine Research Station when they turn 18 years old, to support marine conservation activities such as ghost net removal, survey dives, underwater cleanup dives and more.
    3. Conduct interactive online/physical education in schools for secondary and University students in Terengganu, specifically on topics covering marine conservation and biodiversity, with opportunities for selected students to apply for the eco-action volunteering program conducted at Perhentian Island.
    4. Support youth-led eco-actions on the island focused on tourist waste reduction with stakeholders. Throughout the volunteering week, the group will be given a different type of tourism player to be consulted with, to observe and investigate the issues of waste management within the businesses and to produce a SWOT analysis. The members of Perhentian Eco Education Club will use this guideline to produce and execute a waste reduction campaign.

Stay tuned for updates!

PEEP is run by Fuze Ecoteer (FE), an accredited social enterprise that focuses on conservation projects. FE is also a Malaysian registered tour operator with conservation and research experience.  FE believes that people play the most important role in conservation. Hence why they believe in educating people of all ages about conservation by experiencing nature.