Burning questions... answered

Confused? We take on common questions that youth have when starting out in environmental action and shed light on a few myths along the way.

Okay, I want to take action, but I feel alone. How can I get to know more people in environmentalism?

You are not alone in feeling alone! Many young environmentalists in Malaysia said they started out feeling isolated, but they credited social media for helping them connect to like-minded people.

Browsing through the YELL directories of local youth leaders and environmental organizations can be a great start. Read their stories, follow their social media pages, and perhaps strike up a conversation or two—just remember to keep the chat cool and courteous no matter how fired up you are.

Wait, does taking action mean I have to pick up a placard and protest? That’s not really my thing.

Nope, there are other ways to take action. Have time to spare? Volunteer for local environmental groups (here’s a list). Are you artistic and social media savvy? Design compelling social media posts on environmental issues to educate the public (just make sure your references are reliable and that you credit the source).

Are there grants you can access? Conduct research. Know of an unused space? Reclaim it to plant trees. Have a way with words? Write to your local government or start a petition to propose a policy change. The sky’s the limit!