Yikes! But I’m only one young person. How can I help tackle such a huge issue?

It’s easy to feel small; the environmental crisis is a monster of an issue. Some people also think that individual actions are meaningless because most of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from big corporations. Yes, corporations are responsible, but we, as consumers, are not off the hook. After all, we’re paying for the products and services of these corporations.

So individual actions do matter. Collectively, they make tidal waves of change! The National Youth Climate Change Survey Malaysia showed that over nine out of 10 youths in Malaysia are already taking personal action to reduce their carbon footprint, including reducing, reusing and recycling, planting trees, being conscious of electricity consumption, and changing to a plant-based diet.

Don’t brush these actions off. Through leading by example, you can gradually encourage your family and friends to pick up similar green habits. Then, they can influence others to do the same. With time, imagine the ripple effects your personal action can cause!

You can also amp up your contribution by volunteering or working for an environmental organization. Connecting with other youth environmental leaders to learn from them and exposing yourself to more opportunities in the space can even help alleviate climate anxiety. Where to find them? Start with the YELL directories of environmental organizations and youth environmental leaders!

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