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The content of this post was produced by Leong Qi Jia, a participant of the YELL Conservocation Programme.

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💬 About Rimba Ilmu
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Join Qi Jia, the YELL Conservocation participant for Rimba Ilmu Universiti Malaya, in unraveling the fascinating world of volunteering at Rimba Ilmu through an exclusive interview with Ms. Syuhada, Project Liaison Officer of The Habitat Foundation based in Rimba Ilmu. Let her insights inspire you to explore the diverse opportunities at Rimba Ilmu to make a difference in protecting our environment.

Thank you, Qi Jia for sharing about volunteering in Rimba Ilmu! Want to learn more about about Qi Jia’s experience? Read these posts: My learnings at Rimba Ilmu and About Rimba Ilmu.