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While young people are extremely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss, they also hold a significant ability and capacity as drivers of change. This project was developed with lessons learned from over 7 years of grassroot engagements with youth and aims to strengthen the capacity and representation of youth for nature conservation in Sarawak.

With the support of the YELL 2023 Seed Grant, we hope to create a system that enables young people and youth to develop a sense of connection towards nature, enhance skillsets to champion nature conservation, and create avenues for meaningful contribution and representation.

  1. To organise five nature education workshops for at least 150 youth from secondary schools and youth groups to learn about nature through in-class sessions and visitations to green spaces. These visitations include national parks, wildlife rehabilitation centres, conservation sites, and protected areas.
  2. Youth mentorship sessions where 6 youth will be engaged for a 10-week attachment. During this attachment, youth will be exposed to working with different environmental-related organisations and have the opportunity to enhance their leadership and decision-making skills.
  3. A consultation with at least 100 youth to understand the connectedness of young people with nature and their perceptions of the environment.
  4. At least one pilot project will be conducted based on the responses and recommendations from the youth consultations.

Founded in 2017, Sarawak Eco Warriors (SEW), is an environmental-based organisation that aims to create opportunities for people to learn about and lead nature conservation. Focusing on biodiversity, waste management, and youth empowerment, SEW tackles environmental challenges through educational programs, community clean-ups, tree-planting projects, and youth workshops. Collaborating with NGOs, universities, and local communities, SEW empowers young people as environmental stewards and actively seeks volunteers and partners to join their fight for a sustainable future.